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Thumbs Up to Pico F Cub

I pick up the Cub when I grabbed the Moth.
Some 8x280 and 8x150 nimn packs came in....
Heres what I found:
Initial flight- DX-D Carbon motor(gray endbell)1080 prop , 150 pack 10 mph wind gusting 15+ , as expected, way too much wind, also way too much power at full throttle , a little trimming(mega down trim) and she is obviously a a great flyer with serious speed (25mph?) but alas, a deadstick landing breaks the prop.
Knowing the 1047s thrust speed is gonna be too low for the extreme conditions she's packed up. The next day in 7-10 mph wind with the 280 pack and 1047 she flys well but obviously has the power but not the speed. Even with the wind and ocassional gusts she is completely controlable despite going from
full stall to overspeed in seconds while in level flight. Control authority compared to
my lightstick is like a P-51 vs a Cub , and she likes power on during approach and landing. Duration, even in the wind, exceeded 15 mins with the 280paks. I had a stone blast flying an old fantasy: shoulder level flight with no forward motion for minutes on end, landing at your feet at 1 foot per second. Seeing the plane work, just 3-4' away from your face, especially in the gusty conditons, was worth every penny Ive wasted on big slimers and all my other planes, to get to this point. Also got 2 90 minute flights on my Spectra glider, a day from heaven. Till my replacement props get here in a few days(BalsaProducts has been out for a little while),I gonna try her with the DX-A she came with, it should smoke! Not that a Cub should but its nice see her cruising around all nose low like the real thing.

Oh yeah, she does nice big round loops and should be rollable, did a spectalular tail slide , sure it only slid 2-3' but it was beautiful!

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