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Here is the completed EZ sitting on a Great Planes CG machine right on the COG mark. I always use the CG machine to check the COG. Sure, you can use two fingers, forked sticks, or grandma's crystal ball and get it right. For the initial check I like the machine. If you don't get it right you will crash, especially if you are a new flyer. COG too far forward you will go into a roller coaster pattern and do a nose plant when you try and land. COG too far back you will most likely stall out and veer left or right and cartwheel when launching. If you do get in the air the plane will be very hard to control and land without crashing. COG-get it right.

Note the Servos are installed. The backs of the servos have packing tape on them and the servo is then CA'ed in. The tape makes for easier removal.

Update: 3/30/07 Goop will work on the servos. You don't need tape because the Goop will cut with an exacto knife on the sides and then just pull them out. Goop is very strong and offers a small amount shock absorbtion in crashes. If the servo moves with normal operation and it's well gooped in then you have a serious control rod/control surface binding problem.

The servos are perfectly aligned.

The control rods and antenna tube are CA'ed in full length providing more strength for the tail boom.

Use the large Star decals to cover up and smooth over those large cragy injection holes on the underside of the wings and tail feathers.
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