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Here is a picture of the fuse half with everything ready to go. The motor is gooped in at the end at at about a half an inch and held with painters masking tape. An exacto knife can cut the Goop whereas cutting a "rock hard" ca bond would be much more difficult. I have not used double sided tape to mount a motor in any plane I've built, especially a brushless one. Why use tape when there is Goop?

Update 5/30/06: Electronics test and the "optional" Water break-in
I find it a good idea to test all the electronic gear, including the motor and prop before installing it in a plane. I did it for the EZ, but have no pictures. Here is what was done for a speed 400 Unicorn which was identical for what you would do for the EZ.
Posts 9&10

Update 5/25/06: What is Goop? More info...
Let the Natural Handyman give you the "poop" on GOOP!

Notice the extra wire running along the bottom of the fuse. That's for the third wire needed for a brushless upgrade. There is extra wire piled behind the motor to make sure you can solder the new on in.

There is a big can of alcohol there that is to clean things be fore glueing. Like the greasy motor or anything that oil from you fingers may have come in contact with. Remember, it's the little things done during building that help make a solid and reliable plane.

BUILD UPDATE 5/23/06: Goop the 2 motor wired into the top groove right before joing the fuse halves. For the same reasons go ahead and Goop the extra 3rd wire too. The two wires glued in will give the wing saddle great strength especially up on the leading edge. Make sure you use (3) good quality silicone 14 ga motor wires.
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