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This picture shows the bottles of CA and activator. This is the first time I've used this combination. Talk about fast setting glue.

Notice the can of spray 3m77 adhesive. Also not the can of (even stronger) 3m90. It is used to help Oracover covering and strapping tape stick to the EPP foam in flying wings. It helps fiber strapping tape stick in the EZ foam too. For small areas like the rudder channel I spray some 3m77 on a piece of cardboard and then apply it with a Q tip so it doesn't get all over everything. The rudders are already hinged with foam but that's not good enough for me. The foam hinges get reinforced with a small abount of strapping tape. The end result is a hinge that is very light and extremely strong. No one needs a tail feather failure when flying over tall trees or flying in a thermal a 1000 feet up.
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