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hold on -
The flat turns with these models simply take advantage of the fuselage shape and area distribution . not much rudder size is required.
The rudder just changes angle . the fuselage does all the work.
On good ones , full application of rudder will produce a extremely tight radius turn-which can be coaxed into a flat climbing or diving spin.
a co ordinated turn is not involved
The loadings and inertia on these beasties is so low that rolling to knife edge and yanking elevator actually takes longer to get the model to reverse direction.
On some models you must hold some elevator input to prevent altitude change or pitching-typically down.

Coordinated turns are not of much if any value on these models
They are needed on craft such as a large Piper Cub, to balance the angle of the wings and direction of the fuselage -so that the turn is in complete harmony -that is ,the plane is not skidding as it turns.
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