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I started it again yesterday. It sounds like it's broke in already. Man does that little puppy scream. Here's what it's doing to me, though. I try to start it, it isn't making any noise, and I'm probably sweating and cussing alot. I really have to let that prop have it to get it to even pop. Sometimes it'll turn over 2 or 10 times (hard to tell, so fast), then stop (usually right at the top of full compression it seems, like it gets stuck). At this point, I can hear the glow plug hissing. Apparently, the popping really warms her up. If I play my cards right and really go at that propeller enough, it will start. I've noticed that I have the best luck with the throttle "in the middle." If it doesn't start within 10 flicks or so, the plug quits hissing and I have to keep trying for another pop or two. I thought perhaps it was too rich (especially since my "test stand" has it kinda going downhill, eventually some fuel will bubble out of the carb), but it sounds right. I dunno.

I ran half a tank through it yesterday, stopped it, tried to get the muffler on as quick as possible (about two days, appx). It popped a few times, but wouldn't start. I'm just going to wait till my gear gets here. I'm hoping that the extra power from panel + the high rpm of the 1/2a starter I bought will make starting easier, or even possible with the muffler on.

Curious about your 6x prop statements, the 6x was actually recommended by other people (numberous). I feel betrayed

I'm going to be sticking it on a home built conversion of one of those wal mart gliders, I can't remember the specific brand I bought. It's on these forums, somewhere. I was going to use a "pod" type thing, but my construction abilities made for a flimsy support system. Instead, I'll leave it on the sled it's no and work it into the fuse and put in some landing gear. Even if I can get it running reliably, I probably won't be flying it soon. The pushrods I have are wayyy too weak and flexed alot in glide tests. Also, my control surfaces are some very hard and heavy wood I got from Lowes (no hobby shops around here). I'll wait till I can buy some balsa, put in a pull pull system to save weight, and get my motor running like a clock.

If it blows up and my other three foam planes I bought as replacements blow up, I'm going to build a throttled cheap delta, via info at
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