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norvels rock

Been following this thread with great interest, as I'm a (relatively) new Norvel owner myself.

Breaking in my BigMig .049 was an absolute bear--but I learned a lot. My recent purchase of an .061 has made me very happy.

Firstly, 6/3 is too much prop for this animal. It can't be emphasized enough that these engines thrive on revs, and they simply won't get there on a big prop.

It took me nearly a quart of fuel on my first breakin experience, before a nice person pointed out that I had too much prop. and that these engines overheat and bog down on a big prop.

I could NOT get the engine to hold needle through an entire tank, even after it became easier to start. Soon as I cut my 6/3 prop down to 4.5 inches, my .049 absolutely screamed--and held needle through an entire tank.

For your .061, use nothing larger than a 5. I've got a 6/3 prop cut down to five inches, and it's fabulous. These engines really come into their own at high revs, and they run cooler and kick out amazing thrust. Running a big prop will wear out your engine faster, 'cause at low revs. it can't cool itself.

Also, the real breakthrough for me was Norvel's starter spring. Best couple of bucks I ever spent.

I've never trusted electric starters. You'll NEVER warp a crank or break a rod starting a Norvel engine with a spring starter--but you odds of doing it with an electric starter are astronomical.

Interestingly, after all the challenge of breaking in that .049, the .061 that I just got this week broke in with ease. Don't know if it's that I knew what I was doing this time--or the fact that I bought the starter spring WITH the motor--but it cranked the second time I flipped it.

You mentioned electrics, and that you're getting a power panel.

I think I've been too cheap with electrics all along, and this week I decided to get with it. Instead of the little Cox battery bucket I've always used, with two D-cells in series, I soldered four D-cells together in series. That may be why engines I've NEVER been able to start are now screaming.

Till my power panel arrives, I'm gonna go on wiring four D-cells together.

Keep us posted on your progress with your new .061. What kind of model are you strapping it to?

Z ya,
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