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What Do You Get When You Cross Snoop-E With Buzzdog?

Mama! Say it ain't so!.......Snoopdog? Okay, so we might have to work on the name, if the plane ends up worthy of one. I've been messing around in the shop over the weekend and this is what I came up with. I've been watcing the Buzzdog, Waterdog videos and really been interested in the way they fly. There's just a couple of things that worried me. I fly in an unfriendly enviroment that offers no good place to land. Landings are hard to make with landing gear being ripped off in the rough ground. Belly landings are hard with a large propped tractor. This is why I prefer pushers, so the wheels started to turn in my head......why not take the wings and tail section from the Buzzdog and combine it with the basic idea behind my Snoop-E? I chose the water noodle side shooter over the front mount, because I want to carry my more expensive camera if possible and more protection is good. I'm not through covering it and don't have a power system yet, but I did test fly it with a 7.2v speed 400 on 2 cell lipos (4:1GB, 12x8 prop). It was really under powered that way. I couldn't get any altitude, and didn't expect to.....but the fact that it even flew at 38oz with that motor is promising. I'm really leaning towards a Nippy Black 1812/100, but I'm undecided. The Nippy would save a couple oz off the geared 400 and should be plenty of power if couple wit 3 cell lipos. If it works, I already have ideas to lighten the airframe up some. 1st pic is Snoop-E, 2nd one is Buzz's famous Buzzdog, last two are the, uh...Snoopdog.

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