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Hey BC!

==Today flew the Tigermoth for two flights, noticed soccer guys pulling up so snuck in one quick Switchback flight before relinquishing the field to it's rightful users.==

Between houses and soccer fields, OUR fields are getting occupied at an alarming rate! I say we strike back! We all need to go out, but more planes, and fly twice as often! YES!

==Not exactly a park flyer and real hard to take a pic while doing a 50mph fly ==

Nice looking plane! Sounds like quite a screamer too! I know what you mean about the pic, I have a 600 Razor that would be piled into the ground before I could even get the camera up to my face

Cool little jet! I'm impressed you got something to fly well on the GWS fan. I really like the fan unit on my PF, it looks cool and sounds neat, but it's not much on performance. A little better than a DD "A" motor on 3x2 prop.
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