Thread: Mini-Review Rafale by Aeronaut II
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The blade numbers go up to 11
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Cool stuff, Herb! What a flying field! I can see the Blue Mountains from my field (if you know Sydney, then you'll know what I'm talking about) but they never get snowcaps.

Ralf, have you taken motor temps yet? Mike K told me not to push a Tango past 1800W short time/1500W continuous (or 150C for stator winding temp), so I'm curious how cool it runs in a fan (should be cooler than in a plane, I would think). Also, what esc do you use? He also mentioned that for max efficiency with the Tango you need to use a Jazz esc - apparently Schulze and Jeti are a few % less efficient with this motor, even with the higher switching freq. BTW, can anyone tell me the size of the airspace in between the rotor magnets and coils, and between the coils and rotating backiron? Sorry to go OT, Herb, but this is need-to-know-stuff for big edf'ers!

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