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Originally Posted by monkamarm2000
that should be easy enough to fab up I would imagine, I just dont know the specs of a running setup yet. I know Ralf is running an 08 on 11s on his own 5inch rotor for a load of around 65amps I think and 2500 watts or so. I was aiming for more like 8 or 9 s for around 1500 watts for a lighter setup in my 750. any idea of the load differnece in the 730?
Hi Barry,
I think the mentioned Ralf is me?
here's the measurements...
HW 750 : TANGO 45-08, 32 Volt, 68,20 A, 21167 U/min, 2182 Watt , 3856 gr. 37,827 N 57,50 m/sec. 49,83%

my 120mm wooden Fan: TANGO 45-08, 32 Volt, 49,60 A, 21861 U/min, 1587 Watt, 3310 gr. 32,471 N 55,30 m/sec. 56,57%
TANGO 45-08, 36 Volt, 61,80 A, 24386 U/min, 2225 Watt, 4151 gr. 40,721 N 61,93 m/sec. 56,68%
...and I'm running a 10s pack, at about 2000W...

@Herb: what a magnificient flying field!!!? Man, I wish I could fly there once! IMO you should build the Rafale as single! Should I inquire for you to get a conversion kit? The designer is a good friend of mine I've seen both versions, and I'd go for the 120mm version and a light LiPo setup...

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