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For those who like to see how this cell handles dynamic loading profiles up to, and in some cases, beyond those Charlie posted, here's data from a simplified flight simulation discharge on a 4S battery of 2000mA-h Pro Lite cells. This battery is constructed with cells Charlie supplied to me for various cell-level tests. Each of these cells had performed 8 cycles with discharges ranging from 1C to 12C (with overtemp cutoff at 12C) prior to being built into this 4S pack. Since this is a battery level test, a low-flow fan was used to provide some battery cooling during the discharge. The load levels are a combination of constant current, constant power, and constant resistance. The peak bursts are constant resistance, to approximate the voltage/current relationship of a motor system at WOT. The battery was charged at 2.0A only to 16.60V to a 0.15A cutoff (4.15V/cell - my personal standard on packs). The total capacity discharged was 1834mA-h over a 10min, 6sec time, which correlates to a 10.92A average current.

After confirming that this pack could deliver this type of burst power profile, the pack has been flown ~12 times in two different planes that draw >30A static WOT. So far, it's doing very well under these conditions.

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