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Just fly the darn wing!!!
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Appearantly i didn't know enough about your location when i posted. It seems to be a quite popular place.

Well, here's my take on MY location and what happened HERE.

I was flying my wings on an open field, far away from most everything. There was one (1!) house relatively close (too far to even fly there though; would've lost the signal). This guy living there came over and told me i couldn't fly there, it's too loud, it's too dangerous, the city won't allow it etc etc.

What i did is that i stopped flying there for a while, then went to the city hall and talked to the guy in charge of the field. After talking for a while, demonstrating my wing, how fast it goes, how loud it is etc., he said there is absolutely no reason why i shouldn't fly there. A couple weeks later this complainer went to a town hall meeting and wanted to convince the board members of closing the field for RC. They decided to take a look for themselves and went over to meet us. One board member is now flying with us in that field and the complainer never came over again.

That's my story. Appearantly, your location is a little different, so take this with a grain of salt.
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