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OK, as a Wing manufacturer and the V.P. of CASL (the club that is actively trying to help keep the CB open for electric/un-powered flight) I'll add my opinion to the disaster.

1-If it is loud enough to generate complaints...Don't fly it at the CB. No matter what type of airframe it is.

I do not fly some of my wings at the CB for this very reason. I do not want to ruin everything for everyone else!

2-If complaints become an issue, CASL's hard work, not to mention the hard work of the AMA and the City of Chandler, will be for not.

We are in a VERY special position. It is rare for a city to be interested in supporting our types of activities. Most just outright ban the use of our aircraft. We do not want to lose this chance to have REAL city support.

3-flying until you see a law posted that bans your type of aircraft will not only affect you and your choice of aircraft, but everyone else too. The city will not place a ban on just one type of aircraft (wings in this case) but all R/C aircraft because they do not draw a line between the two.

It will be very irresponsible to continue to buck the system at this point.

Please do us all a favor and curtail your use of loud, complaint generating aircraft at the CB until the deal is worked out for the benefit of the masses.

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