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Graham has given me an idea. Obviously we are not going to see $4 135mAh LiPolys to us. But, after a vendor pays shipping, insurance, customs fees, and possibly taxes, we could see these cells in the $8 to $10 range. How about contacting your favorite vendor(s) and letting them know you would buy some or a bunch of these cells. I'm up to 10, and now have quite an investment in them. I would have preferred to have this investment cost half, but I wanted them. Let them know there is demand out here. We now know there are at least two reasonably priced chargers available from Dave Lewis and Dan Krieg. Now we need the cells available so we can afford to go flying with a bunch of them in our field boxes.

Dan, I realized my mistake. Your site says to only use 2-cell Lithium-Ion charger for your LiPoly pack. On the page with details for the charger it is labeled a 2-Cell Lithium-Ion charger. Further down, it says it can charge 1 or 2 Li Ion cells. I missed that. Given the interest, you might consider putting the information about the different charge rates on your site and emphasize the number of cells it will support and sell even more of these chargers. BTW, I've noticed you are an early adopter of new technologies and making them available for sale to us. Thanks.

So, start emailing vendors.
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