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Maybe i should get myself a sail plane?

Let see,

We got airplane flyer who hate wing.
We got gas plane who hate electric.
We got city guy got complain.

What happen when you put this 3 things on one person? it equal WING HATER.

Just to let you guys that fly at Chandler Bowl.... and expecially WING, they going to kick our ass out. I was flying my raider just now, it not even that fast and that loud (hummm, kontronik 400, 3s2 pack lipos ) WAS about to go 4s...I mean.. there are some other just twice as my speed, like those mini jet i saw flying the other day, sound twice louder. And it just happen to be me. ****.

City guys came out said they were getting complain that we're so loud, to dangerous, but they forgot something... to FURIUS...? what make they think wing are more dangerous then a 40 inch 3d airplane with a big PROP on front and the prop doesn't break and poke someone eyes out.

I was like... ok.... then at the end of the conversation... i found that the guy is a flyer also.. to bad he fly gas airplane ONLY somewhere in the desert.

GREAT. I was in the process of building a 24 inch speed wing... guess what?
And now.. it going to have to sit on the wall until i can find a desert to fly at. how sad is this.

One more thing.. im glad they didn't call Air Force and use like a F-15 to shoot me down... but if they were, they will miss...
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