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Originally Posted by Inverted_Fly
It didnt say adapt or die, it said adapt or live elsewhere. Which is entirely possible. to the north of us is Canada, to the south of us is Mexico. Further south, there is a wide variety of cultures and beliefs in a wide variety of countries. if you dont like it here, go somewhere else. If i came into your house and said, "I dont like your wallpaper, take it down", would you do it? or would you tell me to get out of your house? I know what I would do.

Ludicrous. Every person that has come to the United States has tried to change it as they see fit.

The greatest change was instituted by the founding Fathers themselves. To say that it is now the way it "Should" forever be is just silly.

I'd question just how much of the "Change" being attempted is from immigrants anyway.

BTW, I said "Adapt or die". America will change, regardless of any individual's wishes. I was not paraphrasing the op/ed pieces theme.
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