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Bob Selman is working on a charger. It will certainly be less than the one I got. But, I wanted to start using these cells right away. Dan Krieg is selling some larger two-cell packs of LiPolys and has a less expensive charger for them. It wasn't available when I ordered these cells. And, I don't know if it will work. I waited six weeks for these cells. They were delayed for two weeks in Customs in LA. These are not on Skyborne's site yet. When I ordered them they had not even seen them. After I ordered them I found out that Matt Keennon had used one of these. That's when I thought they would be a winner. Call or Email Kevin at Skyborne if you want to get any. He just got these first ones last Wednesday.

The heat shutoff is for charging. So far mine haven't gotten hot. The charger "surface" charges the cells for three minutes, then charges regular. I think it is one of the types that maintains the cell at a particular voltage while it charges, but I'm not sure about that. Skyborne said these would take about an hour to charge. I'm getting the voltage up to 4.15v at about 66 minutes. I'll try charging them longer, but what Skyborne sent said the incremental volts after the first hour will be small.

The nominal voltage is 3.7v. But these start operating at about 4.15v after I charge them.
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