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Originally Posted by Vette
I wonder if any of the smoke components are toxic other than the normal hazards of smoke. That is sure a lot of smoke to have let loose in a basement or vehicle, hard to imagine how fast it could happen to fill an area with smoke even if there was no flame.
Rumor has it the smoke is very toxic, it is also HIGHLY Corrosive!
After a non-test in my plane trailer I found that all the exposed metal objects within the trailer were highly corroded.
I would have documented this event completely, if I hadn't been so damn embarrassed by my total lack of care.
Basiclly I had put my radical Edge in the Plane trailer to charge, as I was going to head back to the park for one more flight, in a moment of sheer laziness I left the pack in the plane, sitting on top of a stryker and a Super Stunts. (I don't think you can even count the number of mistakes in this little event!)
I then got called away for some Honey-do's and totally forgot it was even charging. Needless to say Murphy's law was in high gear!
I did not open the trailer until the following weekend, only to find that I did not have any flyable planes for that weekend.
This was a 5x8 completely enclosed trailer containing My Lazer (IMAC 60cc Gasser) with 2 gallons of gas in the trailer, a midget mustang as well as the other planes alreasy noted.
As far as I was able to determine, the Lipo went off, burned the Radical edge to nothing, burned thru the Stryker and right thru the front of the Super stunts, fortunately I had covered the wood floor of this trailer with Linoleum and this I think prevented a complete burn-thru of the floor.
Interestingly, the heat at the top of the trailer was quite intense, and stripped some or all of the covering right off the wings that I had stored up there. As you will see by the pictures the heat even melted my storage bins on the other side of the trailer, however it only scorched some covering off the side of the Laser that was in between.
Needless to say, I knew better, I had a brinks box in the trailer, and certainly could have minimized my damage by taking my Normal precautions.....
In the Brinks box and on the ground outside the trailer while charging.
This Wing was bungeed to the right side of the traile just under the crossbars.

This wing was right over the fire.

Fire location, left rear of the Trailer

Parts bin, mounted to the right wall.

Upper crossbars, where wings were mounted.

I can only hope this will help someone decide to be more cautious...

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