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Chrysalis very well could be. As you may have gathered the best flying plane is not my top priority for the best build. A new builder needs a good flying plane (not necessarily the best) that he has explicate instruction that will enable him/her to get it in the air. This must be more than just building instructions. What is needed is full and detailed build and flying instructions that explain, radio setup, trim flights, ballasting, contest flying, thermals, hi-starts, slope flying etc. etc. etc. I havenít seen the Chrysalis documentation so I canít say how good it is. I would be real happy to see that other kits have as good of documentation as the Spirit. By that I not only mean the pictures and build instructions but the other voluminous info that the Spirit has. If you can confirm that the Chrysalis has that, I would say we have two planes that new builders could be almost guaranteed to succeed with.

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