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Originally Posted by schrederman

I'd have to say that if you're going to give something a BEST rating, you'd better build all that are available for comparison... You're going to be busy! Just my opinion, but I'd take an Oly II over a Spirit most any day... Yep, I've built both. There are others that I'd build before either of those, but I'm not a beginner. Nothing like having glue on your hands.

Jack Womack


I agree that the plane is not the best plane on the market but for the price it is a good starter. The best plane (subjective judgment) on the market won’t help a new builder get a plane in the air if the instructions are not detailed. The instructions must provide the simple steps that you and I take for granted. A new builder needs to see a picture of how to pin the spar to the instructions. He/her needs to be instructed to add a layer of wax paper over the plans. That is just what the Spirit instructions do. They lead a new builder to a finished plane and then into flying with almost idiot proof instructions. That is why I think it is the “BEST” for a first time builder. Your mileage may differ.

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