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Interesting idea cadetman.....but there's no need to be quite so defensive (and insulting) when someone points out good reasons why he wouldn't want such a device .

For myself, I rarely have the need to charge a whole set of batteries of identical type, and capacity and that's all I'd ever use that type of circuit for. Is it perhaps intended for glow fliers to charge several identical 4-cell receiver batteries ? It's certainly not going to be of much use to the majority of electric fliers who have cells of all sorts of types and sizes. Unless there's something in there I missed which can cleverly reset the charger parameters ? It's very dependent on a charger which can automatically compensate for some differences which some can and other cannot.

BTW your "words" seem dangerously misleading when they imply that you might connect a number of different types of battery in one "cascade"...."Nicad, NiMh, Lipo, Li-ion, Lead Acid as long as your charger can select the correct setting for the respective battery pack/cell count". AFAIK there is no charger on the market that can do that automatically. They all require the USER to select at least the battery type and often maximum current. Now I'm sure you intended to say that the charger has to be set up manually and the set of batteries have to be at least of the same basic type. I suggest you could do with a prominent warning to that effect. There are plenty of people around who do not fully understand their chargers and could get in real trouble if they connect e.g. a 10 cell 3300mAh NiMH battery, set the charger for that and then connect a Lead-acid battery followed by a 600mAh NiCd.

It may also be worth mentioning that soldering things inside the charger will almost certainly void the warranty (obvious to many of us I'm sure but probably not to everyone).

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