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OHh My God..
i had NO Idea of what i have done !!
Tommorow i will inform Every Customer that "The Company" has installed a FIRE BOMB in there Factory and/or office in the form of a Fire Alarm System, Security System, emergency lighting and Halon Gas System that runs on Nicads and/or Nimh cells or Even LEAD ( the most toxic Substance Known to Man) and ACID (That Will BURN You to DEATH !!)
and that they need to employ someone to watch over the battery pack to ensure it doesnt set the place on Fire or BLOW them UP!
Give me a Break !!
the concept is to SLOWLY Charge the batteries one at a time using an intelligent charger..
Not Blast The Bum off them at the field !!
Dear God Man.. are you sure you wanna be handeling something you concider to be DYNAMITE !!
i am very suprised you likened my posting to your idea of a clock and a step relay
Clocks Tick.. Relays pull in when the contacts of the clock close...
its as intelligent as a BRICK !
yes a relay could jam but the charger would detect a battery at peak charge and shut it off.
AND i did say it was an evaluation project and any input would be helpful !
Thank God you were not around when the Wright Brothers were tinkering in the Workshop !!
i can Just here You Now.. "What !! Your Gonna Fly this using a Lawnmower Engine!.. NOOO WAY !!"...
"Orval.. Wiber.. dont be So Silly.. Stick to the day Job and make them bicycles"..
most likely your negative remarks will stop anyone even looking
Thanks for All your Input
before you go to bed make sure you syphon off the Gasoline out of the car and Bury it Way WAY down the Garden
Turn off the fridge.. the Freezer The TV the VCR, Satalite unplug everything Dont Forget the Heating or the Aircon depending on where you live !
disconnect the Door Bell ! and UnPlug the Phone Too
and seperate at the cells from the TX as they may Burst into Flames
Ohh God.. turn off your mobile phone too.. its Li-Ion Powered so dont charge it unless there is a 1 mile fallout Zone !
unplug the PC as it may re-start without you pushing the ON button !
and finally make sure you switch off the bedroom light
Good Night.. Sleep Well
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