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Originally Posted by cadetman
in All honesty do you really sit and watch your battery packs charging??
i trust the charger to do the clever stuff and cut off when it needs to
and regarding lipoly.. dont use them..
not untill the Manufacturer's put the safety features back in that were removed so R/c flyers could Draw Lots of AMPS !
No I did not do a detailed study of you circuits however I did look at them which was more than was necessary for me to know that charging batteries unattended is a bad idea.
NiCad and Ni MH cells also blow up from time to time especially when being fast charged. I will not even leave a factory supplied wall charger connected while I am out of the house or a sleep. I am never more than 12 steps away from my charging station while I am charging any type of batteries and there is two smoke detectors in the room both types, for smoldering and flaming fires, as well as a 120 F temp. alarm . This has been my policy for the past 13 years after I had a Ni Cad pack explode and catch a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery on fire in my shop while I came in to get a cup of coffee. If I had been a few minutes longer I would have lost all of my models,radio equipment ,and my shop.
I do use Li Pos have for almost 9 months now some where close to 1000 cycles now. No problems at all.

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