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Originally Posted by Block
Are we suppose to shave the elevator and rudder at an angle just on one side?

Do we tape both sides or just one side to make the hinge? I think there would have to be some "slack" in the tape if we taped both sides.

I'm home sick today - maybe I'll get some build time in!
I was home sick yesterday *cough* *cough* to build my first SS haha.

You put the tape at the top of the elevator to make a hinge and then you need to have to shave off a 40-45 degree angle off of it so it can go the other way. Same with the rudder also.. But do it before taping because that stuff gets all over the tape and it isnt too sticky after that. Just make sure u get the right side.. i think i shaved mine too much but ill find out come this weekend.

Good luck.

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