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Originally Posted by boomerace
If you look close there are some tiny holes and they should fit!
OH man i looked closer! WHEW Thanks for pointing that out.. its getting LATE and i have work tomorrow! Crud! Cant find my drill to finish the tail but im looking into how to wire up the equiptment now.

I have the Hitec laser 4 kit (HS-55 servos, feather micro reciever..yada yada. :P
The ESC i got is the ICS-300F.

So that I dont fry anything.. ive been looking at the manuals and all but im not sure how i connect the ESC to the reciever! The reciever already has 3 of the 4 slots taken up on it.. it has the two spots for the servos (CH1 and CH2) they are taken up already CH3 is empty and the B/CH4 has a wire connected to it which is connected to a switch and i assume this hooks to the battery pack for the reciever which came with this (i thought the reciever ran off of normal battery but i was wrong!)

My question is do i take the (+,-,data) cable from the ESC and put it to the channel 3 on the reciever?

Here are two pictures

Thanks again..

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