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Got a little bit more done on the wing tonight.

Aileron servos are mounted:

Wire routing holes, aileron servo access cutouts, and magnets:

Another panicked test fit to make sure everything lines up:

The magnets work pretty well:

I am going to wire the aileron servos and the lights into single multipin connectors right at the wing joints to make assembly and disassembly easier. I dont think I would trust the magnets as contacts for the servos, and if im going to use a connector I may as well run all applicable wires through it. The magnets hold pretty good, I can shake the center panel pretty vigorously up and down with a wing panel attached below, and it doesnt fall off. If I do the same with all panels attached, and shake it from the top panel, the center panel and bottom panel fall off. I dont see it being a problem in flight unless I somehow end up with a roll rate in the 2 per second range.
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