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Hello Carlos,

Glad to see you eventually go brushless,

You may take a look on the sticky threads in this section.
My motors are bought from a company selling ele component, and the mftr of the motor is making oem orders for usa customers in china. if interested, i can give you the details.
Quality of china motors ranges alot. I had say too much critics about them here,will not....

Model/ subject: SK-50 by Kangke
Motor: CBM-3650-9 (KV=1500)
Speed Control: Hacker Jeti-77A-O
Cell type/count: Con-ions 6s3p, 4,050mA nominal cap.
Prop/fan: 16X10 APCE
Reduction method and ratio: MEC ~3,8:1
Amps: Static max. 47,6A Watts:
RPM: 892W
Weight Ready to Fly: 7,5Lbs (120oz)
Comments :

Very sporty but no 'instant' vertical climb like my hotliner's type climb.
Excellent agility thou at super heavy weight. Roll is axial, loop can be made at 3/4 WOT, loop can be quite large at WOT.
Very good /solid control in VERY slow speed.Take off or Landing just like STOL type plane.
Overall perf can be contributed by the designs itself, I had flown ic version years ago. IC version flown fast on a .40?.45 in straight line. Take off distance is apparently MUCH SHORTER than IC.
Will try use 6s2p or 7s with a higher pitched prop to improve vert. perf...

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