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Hi, let me introduce myself...

Hi there,

I have been reading this forum for the last 3 - 4 days now, and I came to the conclusion after 5 min. of reading and droolin' that i really had to sign up for this... but it took me a couple of days to pull myself out of the threads and actually sign up.. Ok here goes:

My name is Andras Brandligt, 32 years of age and living in the Netherlands. I've been a plastic scale modelling all my life and now I'm into R/C..(and motorbikes but that's another forum). Glow fuel and heli's no mystery any more...(yes, don't we all say..)but jets ..WOW! That is the S**T.... I just can't get enough of them. Like I said, I'm a scale modeller also so it seems obvious I like them the most, heck, the more work the better for the details and scale right..? I would love to own a jet, thinking of F-5 agressor style, Dutch F-16 MLU, or F-15J JSDF or even any other modern jet (yes, that is dull...where is the originality in these.. I'm a detail freak, spanking myself to ridiculous details but I saw many great stuff from all you out here so this must be heaven.....

Ok, thats enough for now, I hope to learn and laugh a lot here on this super forum, cause I've been getting to know quite some names that have awseome videos and pics of all the babies. So, if any questions arise, feel free to ask me.. I'm a former Airforce sergeant first class and have lots of knowledge of the real stuff.. (I really believe myself every time.. ) and also some modelling experience...
Ok, see you on deck!....
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