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>some info on the tracker Tx?

Not much to give - it's nothing as advanced or efficient as a Walston which will track a model into the far distance. . I purchased a couple of small 'bugs' from the effects of a deceased modeller and use them in conjunction with a cheap Radio Shack scanner and a pair of good compass-equipped binoculars. The latter are essential to establish and follow a bearing to where the model was seen to touch down and the bug starts to make its presence known from about 100 yards and so serves to help home in to it when it's in deep bush, corn, deep grass etc. Though not 'state of the art' it has helped me retrieve safely on many occasions but it doesn't serve much purpose if the model goes OOS high in the air - that's where a Walston would come into its own.
I now have a GPS for further assistance .. if I can only work out how to use the damn thing!
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