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Quiet Flyer's E Sport 10

I received my E Sport 10 on Monday and have been going over it to determine how I want to set it up. I have always admired Rob's airplanes and wanted something to take to SEFF.
First impression was that the airplane was straight! Major relief! All of the parts fit well, however, it could use some additional glue. My kit has the aluminum LG instead of the wire gear (the wire gear looks funky to me). The elevator does not have a double beveled LE but is cut 45 degrees. Hmmm. The TE of the stab is cut for CA hinges but the elevator looks like they want you to use tape for a hinge I choose not to use tape on this sized airplane. I'm going to build a new elevator to solve this. The ply LG plate does not have the ply reinforcement that Rob shows on the plans. With my landings, this has got to be changed. The instruction sheet is a reprint of Rob's construction article. Not exactly helpful to assemble the ARF, however, I've done enough assembling to finish the airplane.
The most disappointing thing about the airplane was personal! The colors suck! Rob's airplanes, both the ES8 and ES10 have beautiful lines and the ARF's color schemes don't do a thing for them! So last night, I stripped off the fuse's covering in order to redo. The covering is a bear to remove! The clear part comes off ok but a lot of the pigment stays on. Oh well, that will teach me!
Overall, I'm not discouraged yet and I think that I still got a deal for $99.95. Stay tuned.
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