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I think that when you change the angle of the control lever, you need to adjust the control link(it screws in/out) to insure the lower blades are at the same angle of pitch that they were at before the mod. By raising the pitch lever angle to the higher hole, you are shortning the link and decreasing the pitch of the lower blades, throwing the system out of balance. The higher up you drill the holes, the more angle , the longer the link needs to be. Just a thought, I'm on the road on a business trip and the heli is at home so I couldn't test it before I posted this. It's just mechanics-- and may not be the solution to the wobble. The larger change in cyclic definitely calls for laminated blades to prevent blade strikes. By the way, I've now got three weeks or more on the same set of strapping tape/carbon rod leading edge blades- including some pretty substantile blade strikes on various cars, furniture and pets- and they are still in great shape.
My XRB probably has close to 150 flights on it with NO electrical or motor problems- I opened up the entire case for cooling and keep the motors,gears,and rotor shaft well lubed -light oil on the motors, lithium grease on the main gears, and graphite on the mainshaft. Less friction = more horsepower and more airtime, and a lot less stress on the motors. I can't believe this thing has lasted this long !!Four months of continous flying. I wish I had this learn on before I crashed a bunch of Piccollos and Hummingbirds !! It was having a heli so stable that I was able to get my visual orentation in order,and my control inputs to become natural instead of panic reactions. Now it's time to finish my T-REX !!

Larry G.
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