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FFF mod first impression

Drilled the holes 4.5mm above the stock position. A tad more than Rick's. Figured if it becomes too squirelly, I'll still have space to drill another pair in between. Fitted all new blades(unlaminated) to eliminate at least one variable and we're set to go...

And how it goes! The sticks are definitely much more sensitive. But there's also a very nasty and consistent wobble. No problem, I'll just adjust the tracking and improve the balancing. Took her up again soon after. But what? It's wobbling even worst than before and then it happened! A spectacular blade strike! No damage luckily. My first crash in quite a while. Never mind, let's take a breather and figure out what's wrong. Ok, unlaminated blades are definitely a no-no, also mebbe I'm so used to the stock controls that I'm overcontrolling? Well nothing that expos can't fix! -30 exponential on all cyclic controls ought to do it for the time being...Promptly tried it. No good. Not much of a difference. The wobbles still there, controls are all over the place. Ok, mebbe I overdid it on that pushrod throw. So I drilled another pair of holes in between the new holes and the stock ones. They are now only 2mm away from the stock location. Again I took her up....

To make a long story short, nothing really worked for me! I got more servo travel but that's about it. I did minimise the wobbling towards the end but the lower blade tracking had to be way off to do that. It's not so much the controls, as it pretty much goes where you tell it to go, but what comes after that, that leaves much to be desired. Where on the stock setup, it will settle into a nice predictable hover everytime you 'brake' a forward motion, on this it'll just drift in one direction or another. At this point I'm really starting to appreciate the precision of the factory setup and the ammount of testing, the engineers must have put thru, to give us the XRB.

Oh well, no harm done. Just a quad of measly blades. Don't try, won't find out. But don't take my word for it...Two wrongs don't make a right...

For what it's worth, I still think it's a pretty good idea, Ricky.
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