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No problems if it doesn't. But the mod made a lot of sense and I'm pretty sure it would work. Though I haven't tried it yet. I going to take the whole head assembly off, so that I can be be more precise in the job. I'm just a little concerned on the extra torque required from the servo or wether the head assembly and blades can handle the extra travel or wether the flying behaviour will leave much to be desired, but heck, if you don't try, you'll never know.

It has long buggered me that it does indeed fly backwards faster. It also rolls faster too. On my XRB at least, the fore-aft servo horn are not centered(parallel) out of the factory. It's probably because the tail is heavier than the front. Even if you move the battery to balance, there'll always be all the extra mass to slow down the fore-aft motion. If the horns are not centered then the servo travel for forward flight will always be lesser than the travel for backwards or left, right cyclic. That's why even though I like the Lama body, I've been doing all my flying without it.

Rick's suggestion also solves the limited servo travel problem. On a computer radio I can now dial in mebbe 70% EPA for all cyclic controls except forward where I leave at 100%. And if I want to retain the docile hovering manners I'll use negative expos.

All in all, extra travel is definitely a very good thing!
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