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I've flown this plane about 10 times now, and I'd have to say that it is GREAT out of the box. But-

-The wheels need to go. Yech.
-Reinforce the ply wall behind the landing gear "tab". I just filled in the gap with some ProBond or equivalent. But, you might be wise to actually put a chunk of balsa in there too. I haven't had any issues yet.

And that's about it, from memory anyway. Oh yeah, I did add a piece of CF running up the rear of the vert fin, just like they did with the horiz with the supplied fiberglass rod. I did the CF because someone posted saying theirs busted.

The motor/GB is noisy but effective. The furnished prop seems just right for it, too. I replaced it with a GWS EPS300C 3.75 ratio and have yet to prop it correctly, I felt like I actually got better performance with stock. It got my NiMH 720's nicely warm but not too hot. Everything I've done with the GWS has left them lukewarm. The GB is alot smoother and quieter though.

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