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Gerneral practice is that phosphor bronze plain bearings need oil, and regularly. 3 in 1 is a reliable cheap brand. Camn motors don';t have stainless shafts: They don;t even have hard steel shafts. they have almost wire shafts as anyone who has bent obne or cut it will tell yoiu.

Better motors have better shafts.

Ball races don't need oil, except to prevent rusting. But a thin oil does no harm. Grease may cause the balls to sieze and wear out very quickly - sometimes ball races come packed in gerase, and its important to wash that out wioth oil. Light oil in general does no harm to ball races.

Gearboxc gears though do need grease - and thick stuff - the sliding forces on the teeth will cause rapid wear if not lubricated by an oil that will stay functional at high temperatures and shear rates. I don't know a suitable brand, which I ought to, so if anyone else does, tell me!
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