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ap1 - dedicated AP platform build thread

Looking around at all the unfinished projects, I decided the only way to get me to complete this one some time this year would be to have the pressure of a build thread hanging over me

So here it is, a twin boom pusher made out of depron and carbon fiber. It is 48" in span, 12" chord, with a generic homebrew aquilla style airfoil. The boom section, outer wing panels, and battery/camera pod will be removable so it will collapse down to an easily transportable size. I am hoping to cram a full AP rig (plane, tx, camera, video display/glasses for downlink, spare batteries, field battery, charger, video rx, etc...) all into a hardshell case for electric guitars. Here is the general layout:

Pretty standard design, will have an inverted 'V' tail with a hinge at the top so the tail section can fold/store easily. Here it is with depron ribs laid out, and the receiver tubes for the tail assembly. The tubes are cut from a stock tailboom from a Shogun helicopter, and the booms are Carbon Express CX300 arrow shafts I picked up at a local sporting goods shop. There will be carbon arrow spar on the center section that will double as a receiver for the outer wing panel spars (rectangular CF rod). There will also be a secondary spar on the wing panels for alignment, and the panels will be held in place by magnets. All panels are a 6mm depron base, with 6mm depron ribs, skinned with 3mm depron.

Here is a close up of the tail boom receiver tubes. The booms will be held in by drilling a hole in the side and using a spring loaded pin that will lock them in place. Control rods are 2mm CF rod run through the booms that will have magnets attached to the forward ends that will mate to magnets mounted on clevises attached to the servos (probably hs55's). Flat CF sheet will be used on the center panel ribs and to make a light subframe in the center panel for attachment of the camera/battery pod and landing gear.

Here is a full equipment list:
  • Berg6 rx
  • Phoenix25 ESC
  • AXI 2212/26
  • 3s1p 2000mAH HD lipo
  • HS-55 servos
  • Nikon 3700
  • Blackwidow DigiLive downlink

Any input would be appreciated.
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