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Originally Posted by rc_lurker
Yeah, the camera videos you shot were soooo cooool, I've decided to purchase an XRB SR myself some time this weekend. I'd really like to duplicate that camera setup but I have absolutely NO electronics experience whatsoever. I did do some electrical soldering in shop some thirty odd years ago though. I think I can probably muddle my way through a soldering task again if I practice a little on some scrap wires. My problem is I don't know the difference between a potentiometer and a diode or a capacitor nor what the secret code colors and numbers mean either. Whenever I wander into a Radio Shack I keep expecting to see the guys browsing the tiny electronic parts racks exchanging secret handshakes or something. *Sigh*
Off topic and I may get drummed out of the electronic engineers guild but.......
Here's something that will help out with resistor colour codes

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