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The popfly (36" span) weighs about 7 oz w/o battery and the Tilde (24" span) 4-1/2 oz. But the popfly has almost double the wing area. They both fly great but the fan on the Tilde handicaps this little jewel. I will probably remove the fan after the novelty wears off and put on an GWS A with 7 X 6 or 9 X 7 prop to get a fair comparison. I expect the Tilde will probably fly rings around the Popfly when set up as designed since Popfly uses direct drive. They both are a blast to fly. You will love the Popfly as it handles so well. I had a prop fly off today and she just glided gracefully to a landing as if nothing had happened! The biggest diff. is the Tilde is made of EPP foam and the Popfly isn't. However, I have run into several things with the popfly with minimal damage so far!
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