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BLADES wrote:
> Does anyone know of some makers of a waterproofing kit for the

T-Maxx? I
> just ran my T-maxx and Clodbuster in the snow. There was so much

snow in my
> T-maxx. I already did a waterproofing job on my Clod. I recalled

back in
> the days that someone made a clod that was so waterproof that they

drove it
> into a pond. I was wondering if someone made a kit for the T-maxx.

As a matter of fact,a t-maxx is good in snow.(nice power slides)I never
ran into any problems with mine.I even have a ski setup that i use in
the winter.I use a pair of artattack's ski's off there sleds(a mod in
itself)But i also seal my servo's and radio box with vasoline.Another
fact most people do not know is that monster trucks float on water(real
and scale)if driven slow.I have done this with my max before.For non
beleivers fill up your bath tubs and gently set your max into the tub
you will see because of the bouincy of the tires will allow this.The
bigger the tire also increases the effect.I chatted with a guy once who
said that he used paddle tire's and had his max blazing on water.But i
would recomend 100% water protection.Vasoline is good for this and
actually works good.Put it around where all your servos fit together
and a good gob around where the wires come out,in your battery box all
around where it fits together and a glop around where the wire come out
and your all set.
And when you done blow dry the hell out of it.(all your screws will
rust if you dont)In fact lube the hell out of it before WD-40 is
good(water displacer #40)but use of it also has the drawback of
collecting grime.
Have fun