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Originally Posted by RyanPSU21
Does anyone have a plane file for something that more accurately represents flight qualities of a overweight warbird or jet or otherwise plane with nasty tip stall charcteristics or tendency to drop like a rock when it slows down?
Cool thing about that is you can make any model close to unflyable with FMS and one of the .par editors out there.

I've found that the 3 axis moments contribute the most to a stable or twitchy characteristic of an airplane. Low values for the ixx (roll), iyy (pitch) and izz (yaw) moments yield very stable airplanes like they're on rails.

Increase those values too much and you'll be lucky to keep it in the air. Most are set up somewhere in between as beginners complain about how unmanageable they are if the model rolls back and forth too easily.

Adding weight to any model will help it "fall from the sky" as soon as lift drops.

Try my Vought Cutlass F7-U. If you try to slow it down, it tip stalls out of the sky. The only way to land it is to come in low and fast and let the ground slow it down after landing.

-- ggunners
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