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Do no.5 first. They ARE likely to be close, @ about 3.82V or so.
If not, and no farther apart than .3 volts or so, connect them together in parallel for a couple hours, to equalize the voltages. Then,

A. Construct your pack with taps and charge it a little short of your charger's full-charge voltage (that varies from charger to charger). The idea is to leave a little room at the top, for step C, if needed.

B. Measure each cell's voltage through the taps, then

C. SLOWLY charge the low-voltage cell(s), (if any) up to match the voltage of the highest cell(s). The idea is to get the pack balanced at the outset, and observe what it does after that.

D. Fly the pack, then

Repeat steps B.-D. The cells should be within .02 volts or so.

If not, the cells are mismatched and you will have to live with the extra time and attention required by a pack that will require frequent re-balancing.

- RD

P.S. You can avoid all this by constructing your pack for parallel charging-series discharging.
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