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F-22 for twin MF480

Well I've got the F-22 bug again, taking a break from my midi T-33 design, and I feel like twisting some balsa. I've been working on this design for about 3 years now. I had two Wattage raptors but they really spoiled the looks by getting the nose and canopy wrong, it just killed the looks, so as sometimes goes, the only way to get it right is to do it yourself. I orignally designed this for a single 90mm Wemotec Midifan but then started thinking I could use a slightly lower powered setup from my scratchbuilt A-10, but with 4S lipo instead of 3. So, I redrew some of the bulkheads for a twin. This has been a lot of work, and it's nice to finally see it start to come together. It lets me verify/confirm bulkhead shapes and see how much I need to adjust. I could use a couple more bulkheads in some areas to help shape the 3/32 balsa sheeting but so far it's doing ok. I had to strip plank the front of the intake/forward fuselage section due to the complex curves. 1/16 balsa would be easier to shape but with water/windex mix on the balsa the 3/32 strips soften up ok and I can get the twist I need.

I "plan" on making a laser cut semi kit available someday but who knows, maybe I'll just sell plans. I really should be working on the T-33 now and getting it flyable again but it's not going anywhere!

It will have EJF/Jet Hangar mini retracts. Going with a twin made a scale retraction angle necessary, the wheels/struts will retract outwards and up into the wing and should be covered by a gear door. A single Midifan would allow the gear to retract back and in so the wheels are on either side of the fan. It wouldn't be scale but it would mean gear doors wouldn't be a must since the holes wouldn't be on the side of the fuselage they'd be on the bottom (lots of drag that way though).

The model now is just big enough for a 90mm fan if a few bulkheads are redrawn. It would make the upper fuselage taller/deeper than it should be but I think it could be done in a way that wouldn't ruin the looks like what happens on some singe fanned twin models.
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