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Over in the scale modeling forum (forget which thread or person) I ran across a technique where he was using 1/64 ply in his laminations. I gave it a try and was quite pleased with the results. A bit heavier than bass wood but gave a very nice strong surface.

My adaptation is to use 2 or 3 layers of 1/32 balsa (medium A grain) with a strip of 1/64 ply on the outside of piece. I cut the ply narrower than the desired final thickness of the piece and lay it up so that the ply is at/near the centre of the leading edge of piece, the ply being much harder to sand than the balsa. A bit fiddly to set up but I have like the results. Bass is also a very good choice and nearly as tough as the 1/64 ply. I will post some pictures later of a piece done this way.

Another tip from reading about FF techniques is to use 1/16 aluminum tubing for the outlines of horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Very scale like and if the size of the model is large enough you won't notice the difference. Easy to bend to shape over a former and not need to laminate and glue wet. For this size model I think this method would be a bit heavy but I may make a couple of pieces and weigh them to see. I have used this on larger (24" or so wingspan) planes. I will post a picture of a piece made this way later.

Now, I just gotta figure out what motor I am going to use. Lets see, Walnut size plane, 2 ounces all up (max Est) and single lipoly cell.

And, I just received a MPS V2 micro receiver (for actuators). Very nicely made, as nice as the JMP or RFFS-100 and narrowband too. Haven't had the chance to test it out yet but once I do I will be sure to post my comments.

Cheers, the other other Graham in Embrun near Ottawa Canada

Originally Posted by tiberius
Thanks for the tips LSB and Mike. I'll swing through the LHS for some 1/32"x1/16" bass tomrrow.

It occured to me while I was looking over the Baby Ace plans that the wintips laminated with the leading edge won't work because the tips are swept up. Makes them easier...probably...

Do you have a pic of your laminated parts Mike?

EDIT: On second thought, I'm pressing forward with what I have. It is due time to get moving. Building projects are begining to snowball and roll down hill
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