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I don't believe the geared M-20 will pull a plane at the stated weight. An N-20 would be quite adequate, though, if you keep the weight down. My full-house, dual cell Abatross is over 2 ounces, and it is a heavier model. It gets off the ground, but it is stretching the limits of the N-20 power plant. I need to measure the thrust I get with some of the N-20s I have here to see what they really develop, but I feel they are in the 30 grams plus range from they way they pull 30 to 36 gram planes with plenty of authority...

The Peck Baby Ace has 51 square inches of wing, a good size. I'm betting that you can control the airframe weight to about 21 grams finished (my SE-5, less wheels, weighs just over 15 grams covered but not doped). All the wood in the box and the Peck plastic parts still in the sheet weighs 21 grams including the strip wood. Since you cut away half or more of the sheet wood, and some of the parts are for CO2 only, even using the kit wood you should be able to get away for about 14 grams plus LG and covering, and lighter wood and laminated tips and tail gets you even better numbers.

With the radio, 2 servos (or actuators), 2 batteries, wires, light-weight swith, and a 9 gram N-20 motor you have about another 21 grams, so maybe 40 to 45 grams AUW? At that weight the Kenway N-20 should be more than enough poop. I think the GWS N-20 is heavier than the Kenway...

Since the Baby Ace is a high wing parasol, rudder/elevator should be fine. The Corsair is a whole different can of worms...
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