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The Package

The Magpie can be bought as a short (plane only) kit with either the Slow Flyer (SF) wing or the Sport (SP) wing, or both wings. The SP wing has ailerons and less dihedral than the SF wing.

Dihedral is the upward inclination of the wing from center to tips, making a V shape. The amount of dihedral in the SF wing is one of the attributes making the SF Magpie so stable in flight. Dihedral gives a plane a self-leveling tendency, meaning the plane will tend to level out from banking flight.

Another option available is the package with both wings. The package contains:
  • Magpie Kit with both wings
  • EPS350C-C Motor w/ 9x7 Propeller
  • Castle Creations Pixie 20P Electronic Speed Control
  • 3 GWS Naro Servos
  • KAN650 battery
  • 2 Deans Ultra connectors
  • 2 servo extender cables

This is handy for the beginner who is overwhelmed by all the different options available out there in terms of electronics and power systems. All you need to add is covering (wing tape or packaging tape), a receiver and a radio. It's a good deal, too, since the price is something like 10% less than the cost of the individual parts. This is what I purchased.

The picture below shows the contents of the box. The bag at the top contains the Sport wing kit. The Slow Flyer wing and all the other plane parts were securely strapped together in the box. The electronics were loose but the gaps in the box were filled with scrap foam, so nothing was rattling around. The wings are shipped inside the blocks of foam from which they've been cut. The second shot shows the wings out of the blocks.

Not seen here is the battery (MM was out of stock, so they're shipping it to me separately). Also, the Pixie electronic speed control (ESC), which can be seen in a small clear bag, does include a comprehensive user manual, but I took that out and forgot to replace it for the photo. Also not shown is the builder's manual, which is a black & white print of the PDF version on the MM site. And last of all, I also left out the music wire provided for the landing gear and pushrods. But cut me some slack, it's my first time writing a review.
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