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Just got back from the field. While it is not as cold as some places in the USA right now, 40F for CA is chilly, and the lipos are probably not putting out as well as they might at say 75F.

Flew with the Mega 16/15/5 on 4S1P 2100 and a 6.3 x.4 prop. It goes straight up until it specs out and is plenty fast, even toward the end of the pack in these releatively cool temps. Most of the pack was at 55-60% throttle. Any more and the plane did not go much faster, just the pitch sensivity increased. You can hear it rev higher, it is just that there is not that much difference in the speed, at least visually.

The cells come out hot, which leads me to think this might not be the best all around combination for this plane. It sure makes a nice combination to impress the slimers, but the heat is too much for the long term good health of those expensive cells. Some cooling vents would be required if I were going to keep this combination. It is like many hot rod set ups - fast and hot!

I took the /5 motor out of another plane, so I think I will put it back into the original plane and buy a /4 for the Stryker and trade or sell the two 2S1P Thunder Power cells. The /4 with a 6 x 4 will be fast enough for me. YMMV.

Chuck, if you want to make a deal on that pack, PM me. It only has about 3 flights on it.

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