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Normally you flip clockwise, but it doesn't really matter which way you flip it. The engine will start in the right direction. If it starts backwards, which can happen reglardless of which way you flip it, just shut it off and try again.

I prime mine by covering the muffler outlet and turning the prop over 2 or 3 times as well. I use a Du-Bro glo igniter and a Miller 1/2A starter. The Norvel spring starter works well too.

I'd recommend getting a 1/2A starter rather than using a standard starter. Miller R/C makes a good one and Sullivan makes one called a Hornet. Don't hit the button the starter and then hit the spinner because if you have a hydralic lock it is a sure way to break the engine. The only case where I would press the button on the starter first is when starting a large engine that the starter can't quite turn over otherwise. Duke's suggestion about checking for an hydraulic lock is good advice for starting any engine.
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