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F27 Stryker...How far can you take it?

When you get a good hobby like RC flight...the question is not 'why' but, 'How'. I am talking about 'How' as in 'how far can you take it?'

I have been doing RC flight for about two months and I shudder to think how much money I have spent. How much cash I could be making on some hot-rod mutual fund? How much longer will my wife let me blow my hard earned cash before I show up at the house to find an attourney's litigation stapled over the keyhole? How much longer can I stay up until midnight when I have to get up for work at 3am....the questions continue.

I now have THREE Strykers...

One Stock, One Modified 400 brushless, and One super-mod-MEGA 16/15/4 model. I need a basement!

Today I was in the LHS trying to get my latest creation a heat sink when a guy walked up to me and said...'why on earth are you blowing hundreds on a 160 dollar plane to modify it with big engines and lipolys when you can just buy a really good plane to begin with?'

I replied...because I can...because I am not getting younger...and because my wife said I needed a hobby and I am hell bent on seeing how far I can take this..." he shrugged and uttered..'what a waste; starving people in the world and here you are spending all this money'...

"I know.." I retorted..."I am now one of those starving people, too!"

I would be thinking about a jet engine...but it would melt the foam.

off to bed...

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