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My BigMig came today...

Man, am I stoked. This little bugger is so awsome, I can't help but hold it in my hands and look at it from every angle. It's so tiny! My blackwidow was bigger, least I remember it being that way (and not just because of the gas tank).

Had some questions though. I've read the files about breaking it in, and the issues that go along with Norvels, however I've noticed some differences between the included first-time-start and breakin guide, and the manuals instructions for first time starts.

The instructions say that it has been preserved with a special lubricant for shipment, and should be taken off with denatured alcohol. Does this include inside the engine? It didn't specify. If so, this is in conflict with the instructions on the additional instruction sheet, which says to take the head off and lubricated the cylinder/piston.

It states that when starting with a safety stick you turn the propeller counter-clockwise until you feel a bump, then you give a quick flip of the safety stick? This will seem silly to you, but do you continue with the counter-clockwise flick, or flick in the opposite direction?

It says when using a starter to make contact with the starter to the spinner, then run the starter a few seconds (to start the engine, not prime it). I read somewhere else that you're supposed to hold down the starter button before touching the motor, and then touch the starter and spinner together for just a small part of a second. Although I'm not currently using a starter, this would be something useful to know in the future.

This motor has me very excited, I can't wait till Christmas when I can light 'er up. Patience is a virtue
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